Strategic planning

Process digitalization, workflow management, system architecture and scaling, sharing of information and security.

Technology Selection

Selecting the right technology stack for you, and how to onboard the rest of your business to take advantage of it.

Software Development

High performance, cross-functional, and technological excellence able to tackle anything.

Mobile Development

Native iOS and Android development or progressive web apps that cut costs and development time dramatically.

UI/UX Design

We make discoverability fun for your users. Customer experience is our number one focus.

IoT / Web Services

Enterprise class systems development, integration, data collection, processing and visualization.


We developed an online interactive mapping tool which informs stakeholders of Land development projects in process throughout the Province of British Columbia.

The product is an online tool that allows public to spatially explore and view details on applications and permitted projects. Users can explore and search projects based on project details, documentation and shape data, as well as provide comment on applications with open comment periods.

Working together to make amazing an ecommerce experience for both our clients and their customers.

We build beautiful site design, simple data management, customer workflow, and payment processing to keep your business running efficiently so you can focus on your customers instead of your backoffice.

As more data and devices are being made available to the internet, unique perspectives and custom workflow solutions are needed to enhance the mobile experience.

We work collaboratively with our clients across all aspects from information curation to consumption. With the advent of IoT, connected devices, services, transportation, and utilities, there are many opportunities emerging that our clients can take advantage of.

Digital transformation can be challenging to figure out where to even start. Each organization is different, which poses it's own unique challenges.

We have helped many enterprises and businesses through the cultural, organizational, and technological change. We do this through leadership, mentorship, workshop facilitation, technology development and delivery.


Junior Software Developer *

We are looking for a Junior Software Developer to join our experienced software development team. You will report directly to the President of the company and assist with all functions of software design, development, testing, and documentation.

We use new and emerging technologies and work on a variety of Government enterprise systems as well as private corporation software development startups. We also are involved in big data analytics, visualization, and security operation projects that enhance analysts workflow and data mining techniques and information management.

You will learn and contribute code in a variety of web-based technologies, such as NodeJS, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, and database design and development. You will learn to write technical documentation and perform developer testing and reports based on those results. You will monitor performance and the general health of cloud based servers. You will become a key contributor to the software development team by working on various projects bug fixing and making key enhancements to the codebase(s).

You should have a good working knowledge of basic programming languages, the ability to learn new technology quickly, and the ability to work in a team environment.


* This job posting is for the Digital Skills for Youth Program



We listen carefully to you.

We have broad skillsets and experience.

We design, prototype, build, test, and deploy faster than you've thought possible.